Dream Again

What were those dreams you had about love, romance and marriage before life disillusioned you?


7/26/20201 min read

You've always wanted someone that makes you laugh that you can spend hours with and not get bored or aggravated with each other. It'd be incredible to have a guy than "gets' you, supports you and puts you first. You'd love to meet a man that has some of your same interests, that wants the things you want in life,  but most importantly that loves God like you do. Oh, and let him be cute too.

None of this is too hard to believe for or even to have. It's time to start dreaming again. Don't let Peter's cheating, Matthew's lies and John's manipulative ways (insert your own names) harden your heart so badly that you are blind to the man that wants to give you the world.

What are your views about men? About marriage and relationships? Maybe you have never seen a genuinely happy and thriving marriage before. Whatever negative perceptions you have about men and marriage can become your reality if you don't fix it. Change your mindset. Start with God's word. Then give yourself permission to imagine a beautiful love story that has you as the star.