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I’m Makeda Kamara Omensa, I help single women meet good men and enjoy great marriages using faith-based principles. The Husband Factory takes the guesswork out of relationships & gives you proven steps to day one of happily ever after.

MY background

As a naïve, single woman I struggled with meeting the wrong type of men, not knowing my worth and navigating all the unwritten dating rules. All I wanted was to build a happy, fulfilling life with a great guy that loved me & laughed at my jokes. Was that too much to ask???!! To make matters worse, I found myself getting older and my options getting slimmer (& sketchier). Thankfully, I learned some tips (& some common sense) from God's word that were game changers. I took control of my future, I no longer got my heart broken & most importantly I got the great guy who loves me that laughs at my jokes! I created the Husband Factory to help you do the same.

MY Services

Together we can make it happen

One on One Consultation

Let's talk. Are you single with a situation that you'd like my expert opinion on? Are you already married and find yourself not knowing how to bring about the changes you desire? Book a consultation with me here.

Be an "ADORED" member

There's nothing like knowing that you're not just liked, but you are adored. You don't have to wait until you're married to feel cherished and special. This club meets weekly online for coaching and fun & has a monthly subscription box of The. Best. Stuff.

Book me to speak

I am available to speak at your women's event, relationship seminar, pre-marital counseling class,  podcast, or more. Request to book me here.


For most of us, in 12 years of school and 4 years of college, there wasn't a single class that taught how to make the 2nd most important decision in life: who to marry.  Cue the Husband Factory webinars. 

the assembly line 

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The Husband Factory is not just about the experience of being single- it's about getting results. Going from no one asking you out to going out with a different guy every week. From being confused by men's actions to being a savvy & confident woman with a proposal. Why not take a look for yourself? You will find the Husband Factory  webinars to be relevant and engaging. We upload new clips weekly so check back often. 

After being taught about dating before marriage by Makeda, immediately I began to apply her principles to my life and within 2 weeks I have seen some major results in my life and in the relationships I have with others. It is truly astounding. I will not depart from what she taught.” -Christal S. 
“I. LOVE. MAKEDA. It was an amazing experience to learn from her. Her delivery of the topic of dating as a believer was perfect. Completely confident of the topic at hand, she was prepared for any question. Her personality shines throughout the teaching and completely drew me in. Her wisdom was riddled with laughter as well as personal and practical tips. It was an empowering kairos moment. It was a blessing to hear her speak, can’t wait for the next time. Thank you Mrs. Makeda!” -Charlene D.

I teach you how to

Marry the right Mister. It's your time to get a proposal from one of God's best!

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