5 Signs you are breaking the rules

So, the rules of engagement are designed to help you win in the game of love. They are revolutionary and different from what you've been taught but they work!


7/26/20201 min read

Can't you get and keep a man without the rules? Yes! you can. You can even get married without obeying the rules of engagement. But the quality of your relationship and the quality of your marriage is not guaranteed without the rules. There are 3 major reasons for learning and obeying the rules of engagement:

1. Obeying the rules ensures that you do not waste years (or even months!) of your life in a relationship that's going nowhere,
2. Obeying the rules helps you weed out all the men that don't have good intentions toward you
3. Obeying the rules helps you show men that you are valuable and deserve to be honored. If you do it right, this same respect and honor will carry over into your marriage.

5 Signs that you are Breaking the Rules

1. You heard somewhere that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and you believed it. So you cook for your man letting him know you know your way around a stove (and an oven, a pressure cooker and a crockpot).
2. You find yourself "leading" the relationship. You call more than him, plan your dates and basically keep things going.
3. Deep down, you have no idea where the relationship is headed or where you stand with him.
4. You spend money on him, help him with things in his life & try to be available when he "needs" you.
5. You give more than you receive.
***BONUS*** You havent been on a date in so long that...... (you fill in the blank).
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