50 Places to Meet a Man

God won't bring Mr. Right down your chimney. Girl, you have to get out! You have to be seen first before you can be shown favor.


7/30/20201 min read

Weekends are for Wandering

(in a purposeful, today-might-be-the-day, kind of way)

You've worked on yourself. Gotten educated, grown a business, or raised fine children. But as great as your achievements are, they can't be seen while you're at home buried in a book or binge-ing on Netflix and Rocky Road. Get up, put on your good jeans & go where men are. Here's a list of places to get you started: https://bit.ly/3eXVjRH

50 First Dates

By the way, the Bible's idea of "courtship" is engagement. So, until you have a ring and a save-the-date you are still single and should keep dating multiple men. Any man that wants to date you exclusively should propose. Period. More about this in The Engagement Masterclass.

Stun your Audience

Your good character can't be seen from across the room. Look your very best. Be like the Coco Cola company. Package yourself so well on the outside that men will be attracted to know what's on the inside.