Check Your Value System

Your value system is seen by what you do not what you say. It's easy to say that you are a Christian woman with Christian values but we know what you truly believe by the choices you make.


7/26/20201 min read

1. Is it more important for a man to be gorgeous or to be godly? Both is not an answer.

2. Have you ever found yourself compromising your core beliefs to maintain relationships with others? For example: going to a crazy night club, gossiping, having sex, not correcting bad behavior.3. Would you date someone that goes to church or church activities less than you do because "everyone is different".

4.  Have you ever allowed yourself to be treated less than you deserve by a man because you felt that the benefit of being with him compensated for it?

5. Is there a genuinely nice guy in your life now that you overlook because he lacks swag? Sorry.