Time for a change

You deserve better than a relationship that hurts or leaves you feeling hopeless. You were created for so much more than what you see now. There's something special that only you can do- in a way that only you can do it- and the world is waiting....


7/26/20201 min read

Welcome to rest of your life. No matter how old you are....... you have beautiful, fulfilling, fun days ahead of you. It's not too late to start that business, get that degree, start the home for homeless teens, be a great mom or marry the man of your dreams. It's not too late, but you have to start now.

Start by putting yourself and your destiny first. Start by refusing to be any man's play thing or stand-by girl. Start by making the decision to walk away from anyone that only has time for you when they want something. Start by loving yourself.

It's Time for Reprogramming

Your life today is a result of all the decisions you've made. If you want 2019 and the next 30 years to different, you will have to start making different decisions. So many of the beliefs and values we have, we acquired along the way. We began believing negative things about ourselves from experiences and from the words and actions of others. Most of us act and re-act on auto-play. Not really knowing the source of our dysfunction. We have to use God's word to reprogram ourselves. God used His word to create this beautiful world of sunsets, dolphins and planets. Imagine what that same word can do in your life! Check out: